Done and Done...Red Bull Offices & Music Academy

This awesome project includes Get Real Surfaces self-leveling concrete in two distinct spaces.

GRS troweled the flooring and stairs at the Red Bull business hub in grey...

...and we also troweled the flooring at the Red Bull Music Academy in white. This space won the 2014 AIA NY Merit Award for Interiors.


The Red Bull Studios & Office is featured in September's 

Who's who:


In the Works...Stain Mockup

 We can do cool things with stain. 
Below is a photo of the existing concrete floor in a NYC space. 

Our client was into options and we like to make clients happy.
So, we called our friend Rachel Bruce of FLOORmap Stencil Designs and asked her to show us a few things.

What's cool about this (besides the fact that we have a thing for patterns) is that someone had a vision and we pulled the right people together to make it happen. 

Collaborating is often how one gets the best results, right? 
Yes; we think the answer is yes. 

Thanks to Rachel Bruce of FLOORmap Stencil Designs and our crew for spending the day making these customers happy. 

You can see a real life version of a poured, stained, and stenciled concrete floor at the new Hotel Indigo on the Lower East Side soon. We'll be finishing up at Hotel Indigo within a couple of months. Of course, the stenciling will be blue. 


In the works...Varonis

We've  been polishing approximately 5,000 square feet of existing, structural concrete flooring. 

Located in New York, this office space is home to Varonis, who knows data. We can't say that we know data, but we do know concrete. 

So, we came in with our fancy polishing machines and our supremely skilled crew and we did our thing. 

We'll be sure to share more photos when the project is complete. 
According to our calculations, this office is going to be cool. 


In the Works...Vassar College Science Center

This project is in our backyard and it's impressive. It even involves bird saving glass

Here's the deal with the concrete...
We've done work at the Sanders Physics building; precast concrete treads and tile.

We've also poured and polished concrete floors at the Olmstead building. 

Finally, we will be pouring and polishing concrete floors the new Bridge building.

Take a look at this site if you're really interested. 
More to come when the snow starts melting. 


Done and Done...Urbo

Urbo has opened in Times Square and it's getting a lot of positive press for its interior finishes. The concrete floors in the entryway have been polished by GRS, as seen below.

Additionally (and this is something that we're really excited about), Urbo features our Trowel Applied Board Formed concrete wall finish. 

This finish, which is hand troweled onto the walls, is super cool. It mimics board formed concrete but...it's seamless, 1/4" thick, requires no additional support or installation...

and it looks fantastic. 

If you'd like to know more about this unique product (we think you should) then contact GRS and we'll fill you in. To see how it's done, check out this post.